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Fellowship Members' Top Ten

All that we do is for the glory of God. As worship artists, and members of The Fellowship, we are called to this work together. In this spirit, we are asking you to share your top ten resources (anthems, instrumentals, choreography, websites, etc.) with other Fellowship members.


We will compile your recommendations into an easy-to-access resource page that other members can explore knowing that the shared items have been impactful in the lives and worship of fellow members. Having the opportunity to see how and what other trusted individuals and worship teams are planning can help bring a renewed energy to your work and your worship services.

To share your favorite resources, please fill out the form below. When you enter a resource, new fields will appear. These fields will provide space for you to add a link to the resource, identify the area of focus it is useful for (e.g. organ preludes, children's choir, etc.), and a brief description of why it has been impactful in your ministry. 

We ask that you fill out as much of the form as possible. Knowing that there are many worship materials which have the same or similar names, if you choose to forego the supplemental elements for a resource, please be sure to include enough identifiable information in the resource box for us to pinpoint it after you've submitted the form (e.g. anthem title, composer, arranger).

Thank you for participating, and for your support of The Fellowship of Worship Artists. 

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