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Membership Categories

We're only one week into the 4th quarter, and we've already launched our new website; updated our social media platforms to reflect our new name, logo, and avenues of communication; and shared the upcoming dates, locations, and themes for Music and Worship Arts Week 2023 and Convocation 2023. We teased you with information about an upcoming Virtual Advent Retreat, and on Monday we'll be hosting a Members-Only virtual tour of the new website. We have been busy...but we're not done yet. We have more exciting news to share!

In 2023, The Fellowship of Worship Artists will be streamlining our membership categories. Our bylaws stipulate that we must inform our members at least 90 days prior to a change of this kind, and we're very excited to share this news with you today. Bodie Gilbert, Vice President of Community, comes to you in this video to explain the new membership categories and all of the great benefits that each category offers. Take a couple of moments to learn more about this important step that we're taking to continue living into what it means to #BeTheFellowship.

If you haven't joined yet, join now!

If you're already a member, share this exciting news with others you know who will benefit from the resources and community that The Fellowship of Worship Artists provides.

Exciting things are happening at The Fellowship. Thank you for your continued support!

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