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Fellowship Connections

Intentional relationships for worship artists

Fellowship Connections is a program designed to support and unite our members throughout the liturgical year.

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Fellowship Friends

When you become a Fellowship Friend, you will connect with another member for a six-month friendship. Friends will communicate electronically to share experiences, successes, programs, personal tidbits and even the weather in your part of The Fellowship. Think of Fellowship Friends as a way to sustain vibrant relationships all year long. 

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Mentor Relationships

Mentor Relationships will be available to members who experience the need for a seasoned worship artist to be a guide for them in their ministry.

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Discussion Groups

Discussion Groups will be offered seasonally and focused on specific learning, professional connection and collaboration, or skill development. 

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The Power of Fellowship


Rev. Sam Ordung, Nashville, TN

While we sometimes throw the word ‘connection’ around in the church, I always see it and feel it most within this group of worship artists. Thanks for accepting me into this flock. Over and over again it is the names from this group that are the touchstones in my journey.

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Rev. Jacqueline Thompson, Des Moines, IA

In 2015, I suffered a crisis in faith: I believed the church was robbing me of my joy. The relationships I developed with my colleagues in The Fellowship while planning Convocation worship helped me to reclaim my joy and my faith in the church. For that, I am eternally grateful.

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